Who Are We?

It is experiencing for yourself the reality of His presence… becoming overwhelmed by His unfathomable love for you… seeing His power do in and for you what only He can do… receiving the joy and peace that comes from realizing He is for you and not against you…

All this and more is in the Father’s heart for you!

At Heaven’s Invasion we enjoy freedom to worship Him fully and freely, as we were created to.  We share prophetic words, release healing and creative miracles, and proclaim the Truth that makes us free.

If you long to encounter Him more deeply, in an atmosphere of love, honor, and celebration, we’d love to welcome you this Sunday (and every Sunday) at 6 pm.

Schedule: 6 – 9 pm
Admission: free, a love offering will be received
Location: The Harvest Training Center, 69 Myrtle St., Cranford NJ

team 500

Russ & Debbie Painter, Millie Velazquez, Jackie Carrero, Rosa Echols, Juan Comesana

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What We Believe

Heaven’s Invasion is aligned with two thriving and well-respected ministries: Mountain of Worship (MOW) and Bethel Church.  We have received leadership training from both, and are in full agreement with the beliefs and practices of these ministries.

Therefore, rather than create our own statement of faith and other such documents, we happily direct you to the relevant pages of their websites so you can know what we believe:

Statement of Faith

Constitution and Bylaws

Core Values

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]